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About your Princess Cruise

Thank you for booking with Springdale Travel! In order to prepare for your upcoming cruise, you will need to complete your Online Check-In and print out your Travel Summary via the Princess Cruise Personalizer. You can follow the link below to complete both of these items. Online Check-In must be completed no later than 7 days prior to sailing. If you are within (7) days of sailing, you must call 1-800-774-6237 to submit your information.

Proceed to online check-in

Follow the link above to complete your online check in via the Cruise Personalizer. Pre-cruise information and information on how to book shore excursions will also be available once you have logged into Cruise Personalizer. To login, you will need your reservation number, which is on your invoice in the "Confirmation No." field - it's the last 6 characters.

Here is what you will need for online check-in:

Cruise Personalizer & On-line Check-In

Once you have logged in you can check-in by clicking on the “Passenger Immigration” link under one of the passenger names. This will bring up the page where you will have to fill in the required information. After you complete the last page of check-in for one of the passengers (the survey page) you can click on the “Booking Summary link” on the right hand side of the page to bring you back to the main “Cruise Personalizer” page. Here you can once again click on the “Passenger Immigration” link under the next passenger you need to check-in. Continue with this process until all passengers' are complete.

Printing Your Documents & Luggage Tags

After you have reached the last page of the last passenger's check-in process (the survey page), click on the link on the right hand side of the page called “View My Travel Summary and Boarding Pass”. Next, click on the link on the right hand side of the page that says “Print My Boarding Pass and Luggage Tags”. Print the boarding passes for all passengers as well as the luggage tags. If you have left out information during the online check-in process you will not be able to print your boarding passes or luggage tags until you have checked in completely. Lastly, click on the link on the right hand side that says "Print My Travel Summary" and print. Bring your boarding passes and Travel Summary to the cruise terminal with you. The Travel Summary and Boarding Passes are your documents!

Princess' Hosted Shore Excursions

Princess Cancellation Policies

Princess Updated Smoking Policy - As of January 15, 2012

We're here to help! Please give us a call or send an email if you need personal assistance.