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Group Cruising

Interested in Group Cruising?

It's a FUN, EXCITING, and EASY way to travel with a group!

Trying to plan a group vacation? If so, group cruises are a terrific, fun and hassle-free way to vacation with a large group of people. You only need 8 or more cabins to be considered a group and to take advantage of the awesome opportunities available to groups.

Our Cruise Group Specialists will help you choose the perfect destination and perfect ship and they can even help to arrange any group hotels, airfare, or shore excursions that you may need.

One major hassle-reducer is the fact that everyone can pay on their own directly to the agent so you never have to worry about handling money or playing “bill collector” to your family and friends.  There is also the added perk of receiving a free cruise fare* to use yourself which means you could cruise for free! This vacation, let us do all the planning while you get all the credit.

If you would like more specifics on cruise group guidelines, please review this document.

Contact a Group Cruise Specialist

Our group cruise specialists are available Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5:30PM. Contact your cruise group specialist at 251-476-5095 or complete this online form and one our of specialists will be in touch soon.

What are the Benefits of a Group Cruise?Carnival Cruise Group

- Free cruise fares for leaders* - Group cruise leaders receive free cruise fares for 8 cabins sold

- Special discounted rates - Some cruise lines offer exclusive group cruise discounts

- Reduced deposit amounts – Many cruise lines offer reduced deposit amounts.

- Personalized service - Get help from a dedicated Group Cruise Specialist

- Group dining - We can arrange for all members of your party to be seated together

- Meeting space - Your group can reserve a room for meetings, parties, and more

- Payment flexibility - Everyone can pay separately to make your experience easy  

- Personalized Group Web Page - We will design a web page for your group with all of the details as well as booking capabilities so that you can easily send your group members to one easy location.

- Excellent amenities – When booking a group you will often be rewarded with fantastic amenities for the members of your group. These range from bottles of wine to on board credit for each stateroom.

Cruise Groups are great for groups of all sizes and all types. We hope you will give our cruise group specialists a call and let them prove to you how easy traveling as a group on board a cruise can really be!

Complete this form to request more a quote for your cruise group.


* The cruise line will generally provide a complimentary berth (not cabin) for each 16 full fare passengers travelling together. The value of this berth is returned to the group leader after the group has sailed (in order to account for last minute cancellations). The amount of this Group Leader refund is based on the average cost of all staterooms booked for the group.