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Customer Support


Springdale Travel maintains past date records for a minimum of two years. Copies of invoices, airline ticket receipts, refunds, etc. are available on request at no fee.

Credit Card Errors:
We currently have five employees in our accounting department. They are responsible for resolving any problems that occur regarding credit card charges. For example, if an airline ticket is charged to an incorrect American Express card, we will fax a letter to American Express requesting the form of payment be switched to a different American Express card.

Unused or returned tickets:
Returned paper tickets and unused electronic tickets which are non-refundable are applied toward the purchase of future travel for the same individual, on the same airline, at first opportunity. This is accomplished as follows:

When a non-refundable ticket is returned, a notation is placed in that passenger's profile indicating we are holding a non-refundable ticket on XYZ Air in the amount of dollars. The ticket is then filed alphabetically in our office. Any agent utilizing that passenger's profile is then alerted to apply the past date ticket toward the new reservation, if applicable. This is a very simple, yet effective procedure.

As part of your negotiations with airlines for market share agreements, we will request the ability to exchange unused tickets for employees no longer with your company, toward future travel by a current employee.

Processing of refunds on unused, partially used or voided tickets:

Refunds for paper tickets are processed during the week they are received in our office. E-tickets are refunded during the week the refund request is received in our office. A credit card refund notice is completed for each refundable ticket and submitted to the Airline Reporting Corporation with our weekly report. The passenger receipt for each refund would be handled per your instructions. Credits for these refunds generally appear on your statement within two billing cycles.

Voided tickets require no refund. When tickets are voided, we would require your employees to return paper tickets to us. However, if the employee fails to return the ticket and it is later consumed, we would expect reimbursement when the airline bills us for non-payment.

When a ticket is voided prior to remitting to the Airline Reporting Corporation, charges automatically drop from the account. Depending on the date of the void and the date your statement drops, this could occur within the same billing cycle. If the credit misses the current statement, it will always show on the next statement. Note, we can generate reports on voided and/or refunded tickets to assist in reconciling your statement, if this is an issue.

Problem Solving:
There are thousands of permutations of changes, cancellations, communication of information requirements, service issues, etc., involved in arranging travel. Problems, over time, are going to occur. Springdale Travel's support staff can assist in resolving most problem issues for our customers. We can assist with letters to vendors, contact marketing support on your behalf, even visit airport gate agents when all other avenues fail. Don't hesitate to ask for our assistance.