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Our Negotiating Capabilities

Bob Bender is responsible for negotiating rate agreements on behalf of corporate clients. Springdale Travel sales volume places us among the top 200 agencies of the 20,000 plus agencies in North America. We also control nearly 70% of the total agency market in Mobile.

This combination of regional market share and sales volume keeps us in an almost constant process of re-negotiating existing agreements, negotiating new agreements and providing data necessary to support the process. This in turn, keeps us abreast of opportunities in the market place.

The following are examples of what you can expect from Springdale Travel under current market conditions:

Business Fare Discounts

Springdale Travel currently has discount agreements of 5%-10% off normal business fares with most major airlines.

Meeting and Group Fares
Bob Bender can negotiate meeting and group fares on behalf of your company on an ongoing basis. Low cost carriers are utilized whenever practical.

Market Share Agreements
Springdale Travel assists in the negotiation of market share agreements with all major airlines on behalf of our customers. Market share agreements usually* offer discounts on either domestic or international airline ticket purchases:

*Airlines will not offer an agreement unless volume and market share gains justify a discount.

Net Fares
Springdale Travel will assist you in negotiating fares directly with airlines and establish reasonable fees for reservations and ticketing.

Creative Ticketing
Springdale Travel agents will utilize any opportunity to produce savings, which will not result in charge backs from airlines and are generally accepted procedures, i.e., airlines either approve or don't enforce.

Non-routine Problems

A limited number of non-routine problems, such as changing a non-refundable ticket can sometimes be arranged in critical situations.

Springdale Travel will negotiate on your behalf, or facilitate meetings with car rental companies, regarding contract renewal or implementation.