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Our Service Fees

Cruise Booking $35
Vacation Booking $35
E-ticket Issue/Re-issue (paying with cash, check or credit card) $35*
E-ticket Issue/ Re-issue (paying with accounts receivable) $40*
Reservation Made on Springdale Travel's Online Booking Tool $15
Free Tickets (Frequent flyer or companion tickets) $35
American Express Award Points Ticketing $35
Overnight Delivery Fee (In Continental US) $10
Overnight Saturday Delivery Fee (In Continental US) $20
Visa Processing (per person) $25
International Fax or Phone Call $5
Consolidator Ticket No Charge
E-ticket from Reservation made on Springdale Travel's web site $15
E-ticket Booked on Airline's Website $35
Bereavement $35*
Groups of 10 or More, Same PNR $25 each
Car Rental No charge in conjunction with air ticket
Hotel Reservation No charge in conjunction with air ticket
Split paper or e-tickets $35 + $10 each additional ticket
*Family Discount $25 each
Emergency After-Hours Service Phone Call $15